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a)     Until Contract completion the Hotel shall be liable for the guests’ clothes and personal belongings (excluding suitcases, larger packages and boxes, jewellery and/or valuables) provided the same have been duly stored in the cloak rooms made available by the Hotel to the Customer’s guests for such purpose.

b)    Excepting cases of proven misconduct on the part of the Hotel and/or its staff, the Customer shall take on exclusive liability for any damage or bodily injury possibly caused to his guests during the performance of the Contract and shall consequently provide adequate insurance cover in respect of the relevant risks at his own cost and expense.

c)     The Customer shall apprise the Hotel Management in writing of any damage or bodily injury of whatever nature or description possibly caused by the Hotel or its staff in connection with the performance of the Contract by serving notice thereof by registered mail with return receipt within and no later than 72 hours of Contract completion.  


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